31 December
31 December
1 January
Private placement notes95.8254.3252.5
Derivative financial instruments0.70.62.0
Amounts owed to subsidiary undertakings61.365.269.6

Details of the private placement notes (before applying associated derivative financial instruments) are as follows:

31 December 201531 December 20141 January 2014
Fixed interest rateFixed interest rateFixed interest rate
Repayable in 2016*160.15.9153.35.9146.25.9
Repayable in 201822.
Repayable in 202022.03.723.43.725.03.7
Repayable in 202114.73.915.63.916.73.9
Repayable in 202336.

* The private placement notes repayable in 2016 are included within creditors: amounts falling due within one year in 2015.

All Group derivative financial instruments entered into by the Company have been disclosed in Note 18 of the Group Accounts.